Our logo, the story behind it...

Illuminated innovation or II ( pronounced as Aye Aye ) is constituted by two vertical bars that represent the founding partners and also pillars of strength. One vertical bar is higher then the other showing progressive growth in applying the latest commercially viable technology and also growth with business partners. our clients are our business partners as the relationship is symbiotic being a win win relationship whereupon our client’s growth is our growth as well with focused solutions on energy enhancement and thus achieving optimum operations.

The colors of the logo transcending from a darker color to a brighter color tone also symbolism our inherent direction towards illuminating the use of technology for the benefit of all enhancing resources and thus reducing the carbon foot print. The pronunciation of II as Aye Aye in pirate lingo means yes of course reflects our corporate direction to make possible solutions that were impossible before II. The concept of pirate is in a positive sentiment not working against rules but working against traditional thoughts. II is not bound by such traditional restrictions. II applies technology to achieve energy efficiency beyond the traditional generic boundaries. The vertical bars are also lengthy that looks like two T8 light tubes that are used almost everywhere there is light needed as the most fundamental light source other then a light bulb.

The vertical shape also reflects vertical selling whereupon II can grow with its business partners in multiple platforms.