Applied solutions

With our vision, we have further elaborated how we can achieve such vision via enhancement.

Now we illustrate how these enhancements are applied as solutions.


Along our spirit of applying technology focusing on fundamentals, accordingly we have applied this direction to one of our core fundamentals in our life, lights.



Lightning is a core need for every person.

Both in daily life and for commercial needs, lightning is a much needed resource but regretfully as with other resources, wastage occur.

With II, now we can stop these wastage. We custom design and build lightning solutions that focuses on the actual needs and address it from the very start, thus stopping the wastage, stopping the bleeding in the operations cost.

Like our most common item the Nano E-Tube that replaces all other generic T8 both fluorescent and LED alike to achieve new performance and savings level.

Against the fluorescent T8 we are looking at savings of 44 wattage to drop to 9 wattage at an astounding 80% savings while LED at 20 wattage or 18 wattage to 9 wattage is also a substantial 50-55% savings. 

Addressing operational needs in lightning are in multiple levels. it can be at technical level, operational level or systems level.

Technical level will include creating lightning of high efficiency. 

Savings is critical to our operations and sustainability but at times, it is not savings alone that can stand as a solution. Next, we address the operational level of lightning to achieve the optimum efficiency.

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Our lightning solutions can go up to 2km and in the perspective of facade lightning, this means that the whole tower building is lighted up. Earlier times, people had to resort to multiple level lightning to ensure continuity of the lights as the distance was short and having a too high wattage light significantly.

@ II, we can achieve this at a fraction of the energy and light up the whole tower facade and even value add with lightning waves or sequential pattern lightnings.

so even when energy savings is not the concern, but the operational need for the illumination reach, we @ II can even make it happen with savings as a bonus.

At the end of the day, you get what you want and even at a lower cost. Now that’s double strike to wastage and carbon footprint.

Open ended options

our solutions are endless.

Let's meet up and discuses your energy needs and what focused objectives are needed and we can start providing the solutions that you need.