Illuminated innovation is a tech company and lightning energy efficiency company.

  • We design and build 
  • We research and develop
  • We do pilot runs and engineer runs
  • We do prototypes
  • We build solutions from scratch
  • we are also called II in short 

Company Introduction

At illuminated innovation or II we design and build solutions. Solutions that enhances energy and enhances life itself.

We focus on fundamentals. Things that touch our daily life. Things that we live with every day and in enhancing such things and providing solutions to the demand of life either in the commercial perspective or personal perspective.

In enhancing solutions by bringing it to the next higher level, by enhancing energy to its optimum utilization, we in turn create practical solutions that solve problems and such energy enhancement solutions naturally enhances life in various and multiple platforms and dimensions. 

Mission & Vision

Energy as we know is a resource. A resource limited by source or by environment or by costs or fiscal viability.

Energy as utilized by us are converted to the end results that we need, movement, heat, illumination and others. In the eyes of science, we convert energy from one to another desired form.

It is in this journey of conversion that wastage is produced. Anything that does not results in the desired outcome is wastage and people accept it as it is. Because it is as it is. A price of the output or the desired results. It is as it is before but not anymore.

At II we focus on such things that may seem trivial but actually is the building fundamentals for savings and most importantly, the key word sustainability. What we do is a price not only paid by us, but by mother Earth too. At II, we seek to optimise and enhancing energy and in turn enhancing life, directly, indirectly and even incidentally. A positively directed move that brings positive results, positive reactions, and positive results. A cycle of positive sustainability. That’s our vision and what we want to share with all.