Illuminated innovation is a tech company and lightning energy efficiency company.

  • We design and build 
  • We research and develop
  • We do pilot runs and engineer runs
  • We do prototypes
  • We build solutions from scratch
  • we are also called II in short 

what can we do ?

From our vision that gives us direction, we now look into more details on how we can achieve such a vision.

Universal Recycling Symbol (U+2672)


By using the same amount of energy or even reduced amount of energy, we bring about higher level of results by eliminating the wastage in between.


Why wastage occur?

As we mentioned, @ II we build on fundamentals.



How is profit enhanced ? Remember that every saved is a full ringgit that contributes to the bottom line profit.


Lightning is a core need for every person.

Both in daily life and for commercial needs, lightning is a much needed resource but regretfully as with other resources, wastage occur.

With II, now we can stop these wastage. We custom design and build lightning solutions that focuses on the actual needs and address it from the very start, thus stopping the wastage, stopping the bleeding in the operations cost.